Solar Energy Systems

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Residential solar energy

Lower your reliance from the grid while lowering your electricity bill, residential solar is a great investment to protect you from rising electricity costs.

Your home can draw electricity from the grid when insufficient electricity is being generated by the solar panels. The system is made up of two main components the solar panels, and and grid connected inverter. The inverter can be a battery ready inverter or a standard grid connect inverter and don’t worry both can be equipped with batteries later on one way or another. Our experienced solar consultants at Walsh Electrical can offer you help, support and a solar solution for your budget and energy consumption.

Offering solar energy systems in Colac and surrounds.

Hybrid Solar System

Walsh Electrical offer hybrid solar systems in Colac and surrounds. What is a hybrid solar system? Hybrid solar system is like a grid connect system but they also have a battery, so solar energy will be used by the house then excess will charge the battery then any excess after that is feed to the grid. They also come with a backup function and this is used for when the grid power is not available the batteries can back up dedicated loads of the whole house depending on the setup.

Hybrid battery systems that we install include Sofar Powerall, Sungrow SH series inverters, SMA, Victron and Selectronics.

Off Grid Solar

Off grid solar systems have become a more popular choice for homes over past decade, Walsh Electrical offer off grid solar systems in Colac and surrounds. We specialise in SMA Sunnyisland, Selectronics SP PRO and Victron battery inverters.

Off grid solar systems consist of batteries, battery inverter and solar inverter/solar regulator, systems start at around $15,000.00 out of pocket and can be installed anywhere and are all eligible for government rebates.

Please contact Walsh Electrical for a off grid solar quote today and we will get back you as soon as possible.

Commercial Solar

Walsh electrical have gained vast experience in commercial solar installations over the past 10 years with small commercial roof tops installations up to 300 kW ground mount installations, and 2022 is looking promising for another large installation which will be our largest yet, which we are very excited about.

Talk to our team about a commercial solar system to suit your needs.